The DOGgone Truth Podcast

Oily Dogs

October 30, 2018

This week I'm on a sort of weird and my long way of sharing the simple truths in nature...and social media lol. And do me a favor please and listen to the end, it may be of benefit to you if you do in more ways than simple listening. 

This is Part One of the ReBARKably SCENTable Canine Series 

Here are the blog posts I reference for this show:

Mine and Shadrach's story:

Facebook Live video demonstrating how I do this:

Or you can sign up for the DOGgone Truth Club and learn a whole lot more there!

I tried editing so I could upload to YT or Vimeo but it's a long video (32 min and I had some technical challenges too lol) and I'll be candid and say video isn't my thang. 

The shows I referenced 


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