This time I share the story of THE most special dog named Shadrach. He came to me at a very difficult time as you'll learn during the Christmas holidays. I'm hoping you'll learn why quitting isn't an option, even when every reason seems to point to doing that very thing. 

Today's podcast was taken from my book, Animals Taught Me That, Chapter 26  

Shadrach's class I mention is part of the DOGgone Truth Club membership now. 

FB Live Video shared with my YL Team and I reference more on Shadrach's story and this podcast:

Quotes to Ponder:

At the point of desperation and great need, we can no longer continue with the status quo. The pain of remaining the same becomes so much greater than the pain of change—even if we don’t know what to expect in the change. When we have exhausted every avenue to find a better way, turned over every rock and stone, run out of options, choices, and paths to follow and pursue—it is a most uncomfortable place to be.” ~Francis Sizer

If you don’t think faith in God has anything to do with healing the body, you better rethink what you believe in!Gary Young



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