Your Healthy Dog, Pt4

I'm continuing my series on Your Healthy Dog. In this series I'm going to share with you why our dogs get and are ill and how we can help promote wellness in them and maintain that to the best of our ability - because there are hindrances that ARE being passed on in the DNA as we continue to do things contrary to their needs and nature. However, that said we can choose to do better and not be a part of that problem but be a part of the solution instead. This is Part 4 of this series. 


In 27 years there have been 3 million deaths from taking prescription drugs as prescribed. There have been zero deaths from homeopathic medicine and zero deaths from vitamins.” ~Dr. Makkar

Important to see how the use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine is responsible for arthritic and neuropathy symptoms, pain. I have horrific papers on Cipro damage to patients. This is another example like with that of Rimadyl of drug companies flooding the animal health market with drugs that have been found unsuccessful for human use.“~Dr. Patricia Jordan

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Understanding the True Meaning of Disease 

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