Balanced and Complete?

Recorded: April 2, 2014

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Q - Have you seen the latest “research” report on dogs having “evolved” to digest starch? How Dogs Evolved
A - I found the answer to this conundrum in the amazing book called Enzyme Nutrition by Howell. I know that you know most of that, but the way he writes is just so clear and well put. The bottom line is that every creature is endowed with the ability to produce a certain quantity of enzymes during its lifetime and no more. The body is therefore very stingy and produces only what it has to. There are three classes of enzymes, 2 of them produced by the body (digestive and metabolic) and those coming from food. Obviously for carnivores, that's kind of one and the same. Digestive and metabolic enzymes sit on a teeter-totter, kind of like the cellular and humoral immunity. The activity on one side depresses the other. The more enzymes in food, the less the body has to produce, the more it can devote to the metabolic side = longer, healthier life. When it has to spend its supply on digestion of food devoid of enzymes, it has to steal it from the metabolic side.
So in this case, we are witnessing an adaptation by the dog's organism that obviously results in disease and shorter life span; nothing to brag about. Howell describes many experiments that show how the pancreas becomes enlarged when forced to make too many enzymes and how quickly death ensues when it's artificially drained of enzymes. ~Aleksandra Mikic, DMH, DVH, DPh, author of How to Immunize Your Dog Without Vaccines
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