This time, on Episode #83, I have a new guest who is also known for his humor in medicine. As you'll hear he's really not kidding around though about his mission to at the very least have a free hospital built! His name is Patch Adams, MD. He is the founder of the Gesundheit Institute, as well as author of the book by the same title which I reference a few times in this podcast. He had interesting things to share, and he is passionate about his beliefs just as I am my own. However, those two don't necessarily coincide or match up on anything other than the healthcare system. That said, you can be the judge of what value you take away from this week's episode and I'm sure no matter what you'll find value in what was shared. 


Videos Referenced

The Gitup Challenge with MyNameIsDing

The Magical Forest documentary 

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Howling, Barking, Quail Calls, Zoomies






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