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Recorded: December 5, 2012


Emotional State of Health
As you may already know, your dogs look to you as their leader and provider. They look to you for their comfort and reassurance that they will be fine and that they will heal. If you become depressed or express sorrow over your dog’s condition in his/her presence, your dog is going to think it must be really bad and in very bad shape. Our dogs express and reflect back to us what we emulate to them. It is of the utmost importance that to keep a positive, upbeat attitude around them, an attitude of confidence and faith that your dog’s health WILL improve – your dog WILL heal and then your dog will reflect these same attitudes back to you while being strengthened into a healthier, happier animal.
These audios and videos (see your welcome message for info on the videos) in this section will help you THINK about how YOUR thoughts affect your dogs. We also offer some suggestions and share our own experiences with our animals. 
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