35: Healthy and Safe Pets for the Holidays

November 20, 2018

Join me, Dr. Kim your host as we take a walk back into the past with a topic that is still VERY much necessary in the present! This time I'm sharing another of my previous podcasts with my colleague and former co-host. We discuss how to keep our pets healthy for the holidays.

Some links to reference for good toys: OnlyNaturalPet.com,

Chewy.com, EarthAnimal.com


Treats - look for the raw feeding companies to provide you with those good treats, made in the USA! There are a LOT of raw feeding companies nowadays. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans! 

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 Blog post I mention during the show so you can read if you'd rather than listen: https://www.aspenbloompetcare.com/2018/08/speaking-life/

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