This time, on Episode #88, I'm sharing a blast from my podcasting past. This is a show we did on my former podcast, Animal Talk Naturally, with our fantastic guest, Dr. Lew Sterrett. He teaches and preaches from horseback! This podcast was recorded March 17, 2009 but what he shares in this podcast is still true and prevalent for today! Here are some quotes he shared during this episode:

"Fences do three things: 1. Keep precious possessions in, keep unwanted things out, and it is a boundary by which you can make decisions." 

"When the horse loses hope his anger rises. Anger is always proportionate to the diminishment of hope."

"The absence of conflict or the absence of responsibility is what society believes brings peace and approval, but that is a lie. Responsible relationships bring us to a place of peace and rest." 

"For every responsible action there is always boundaries."

"You and I will become just like what we focus on."

"Vision always defines the ingredients and the disciplines." 

All quotes by Dr. Lew Sterrett



 This podcast follows last week's podcast, the Puppy Parable 





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