Flying in Midair

This week on Episode 151, this is Chapter Twenty-Five of my book, Animals Taught Me That. This chapter is about one incident with a hawk when we first moved to what was our desert retreat house. I say was because LOTS of houses and businesses have sprung up since so it's not as quiet or peaceful as it was 12 years ago. Nevertheless, I'm still grateful for all the encounters with wildlife we have had here and continue to do so. The photo with this episode is of a hawk sitting on our wall in our front yard this past summer. 

Also in this episode is the AfterWord and Conclusion even though there is still one more chapter in this book (see below) - Shadrach the Neo Mastiff...Nuthin' But the Dog in Him. It was actually the first chapter I recorded a couple of years ago so don't miss it! 


Scripture: Revelation 14


Article series that prompted the writing of this book:

Come to the Edge, Part 1: The Scenario
Come to the Edge, Part 2: The Questions
Come to the Edge, Part 3: The Conclusion


Previous Recorded Chapters in the Book: 

Introduction to Animals Taught Me That

Chapter 1: A Fish Tale - On Desert Pond

Chapter 2: The Honeysuckle Game

Chapter 3: Geronimo and Big Red

Chapter 4: Tippy Toes

Chapter 5: The Cisco Kids

Chapter 6: Working at the Pet Store

Chapter 7: How Not to Raise a Dog! (titled Leben the Great Dane, Fawn of My Life in the book)

Chapter 9: Fierce Floppsy

Chapter 10: The Swedish Forest 

Chapter 11: Left Behind

Chapter 12: We Are Siamese

Chapter 13: Golden Hearts

Chapter 14: Veterinary Voyage

Chapter 15: The Prankster Pup

Chapter 16: Equine Escapades

Chapter 17: Orange Tabby Trinity

Chapter 18:  Canine Capers

Chapter 19: Spices, Feathers, Fins and Fur

Chapter 20: Mmmmm, Mmmmm Good!

Chapter 21: When Animals Attack!

Chapter 22: Park Paws

Chapter 23: Sanctuary: Freedom Within a Fence

Chapter 24: Desert Dogs

Chapter 25: Flying in Midair & Conclusion 

Chapter 26: Shadrach the Neo Mastiff...Nuthin' but the Dog in Him!


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