For Such a Time as This

This week on Episode 108, I did a live show on Friday March 27, 2020. In fact, I'll be doing them live going forward. You'll receive these RAW (the way our dogs like things) and unedited. Why? Because authenticity is SO needed these days. We podcasters present to you polished, edited, clean shows which can leave off the REAL. I just have felt very led of God to present this way more and more, especially considering that this show has now changed dramatically beginning with this one.

There is no intro or outro music polish to this show either. While I WAS playing some music for a short bit in the background the recording didn't pick it up. And you know, maybe you just don't care about all of that anyway? I know I sure don't when I listen to podcasts, I just want to hear the message! There were live listeners who had a lot of questions which I responded to throughout the show. 

As a sidetone, when I do a recording of chapters from my book, of course they'll be polished and edited, but these regular episodes are going to be what you hear is what you get. Okay so on with this show. My hope is that you'll receive the hope I share if you don't already. 


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