Get in the Game!

This time, on Episode #84, I have the privilege of sharing this time with a very special guest, Cathy Parker, author of the new book, Northern Lights.  This is not my "typical" show talking about dog or human health but it is getting over ourselves. In fact, it's ALL about getting out of our comfort zones, getting off of the bench and getting in the game! Cathy's resounding YES to God calling her out is exactly what was needed to go beyond self and serve the greater good. I hope you are motivated and eager to read the book and anticipate the movie coming to go with it!

Northern Lights  is the August book of the Month by Delilah!

After listening to this episode I hope this encourages you to move beyond what you think you are capable of doing for yourself, your dog, OTHERS and BELIEVE for more! To know with God all things are possible!


Topics mentioned:

The Swedish Forest

Shadrach the Neo Mastiff








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