Iconoclast Focus

Years ago when I first began blogging (2004) and podcasting (2005) most people other than the tech experts, didn't know what either was. It was easy to break into this market back then. Now it's much more challenging, but having a very iconoclast focus might be a better way to go. Let me explain.

In 2006 I was involved in an email (yes we used email for everything before social media - it was actually far more diplomatic to be frank) group for virtual networking for women. I began teaching women to use the same platform I was using to deliver my podcast - too bad the guy from Australia who created it wasn't able to get funding so he could continue as he'd probably be at the top of this game now. He was a good guy, so maybe that was what hindered him. Sadly. I am very grateful to him though and always will be. He helped us put on a virtual dog expo - which no one was doing at the time. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun.

Now in 2021, well this game is far tougher. Part of my challenge was starting this new podcast in 2018 rather than simply continuing with my long running and well known one - sans my co-host. I just felt that would be an injustice to both her and the audience. So I started fresh although I think I was trying to hold onto the old focus and delivery.

Fast forward to now, when I try to fit this podcast into a category, it really doesn't fit into any one particular category - faith, dogs, oils, natural health, TRUTH, yep some health politics, etc. 

In my last week's post sans a podcast, I said I wasn't sure I'd continue. I now know I will but it will be different.  The focus will be on not who I am or what I have done, but on God and what He desires for YOU. Yes, for YOU. Your dogs will always benefit because I can't help but include them always. In fact, they are who I center the learning around since they are who I learn from. After 2020 and now into 2021 with all that has happened and continues to evolve further, I'll just allow God to use my voice to share what HE desires for YOU to learn through HIS creation.

I don't have all the answers by a LONG shot of course - and anyone who says or thinks that they do is kidding themselves. God loves to use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, so He's chosen wisely with me since I am not known, nor am I am one of those super brilliant, clever folks either - I'm not being falsely humble just transparent. I hope I can encourage you to be exactly who you are too, since you are fearfully and wonderfully created to be YOU

I hope you'll stick with this show as I open up to share what matters most for all of us. Truth is often hard to swallow, but that can no longer stop us because that is all that truly matters. Jesus is the Person of Truth. The Person of Love. He is Life. He is Light. He is also Holy and Just. It must be this way or not at all. 

If He wills it, then this will survive and provide value for you. If not, it will fade as so many other things do and rightly so. 

My hope for you is for you and your dogs to BE well - not always striving to get well.  

Coming in late March, so stay the course. And remember, when you know the Truth, when you know Him, Jesus Christ, then the Truth will make you free.