Let There Be Light

What about the light?  For one thing it's one of the eight laws of health - getting into that sunshine. For another thing there is so much more to light. I think I spend more time showing what happens when it ignore it and the laws of health than I do on the benefits of light, but I know I'll be revisiting this topic a lot more. 

For an in-depth, scientific assessment of light from a Christian faith-based viewpoint by Dr. Doug Corrigan, join his FB Group, Deep Thoughts with Dr. Doug. So far as of the date of this podcast, he has shared a TEN part series on light!


Nature doctor Louis Kuhne said, “In fact, I consider the whole scheme of poisoning patients by medicine, lately so decidedly on the increase, as one, if not the chief cause that thoroughly healthy persons are now hardly to be found, and that chronic diseases are multiplying with fearful rapidity.” (1835-1901).

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PHOTO BY: Dr. Kim Bloomer of her two dogs, Schatzie and King

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