My Vet Said

This time, on Episode #62, I pulled a podcast from the archives of my previous show, Animal Talk Naturally. This one is on the topic we hear ALL THE TIME: but my vet said... Well we go on a bit of a rant on this one so sit back and hold tight lol it's going to be a bumpy ride! 

 PS The reason I didn't provide you with a new show this week is I SUPER as in SUPER tweaked my lower back for the first time EVAH. I had to switch chairs just to work AND AND AND my mic doesn't have a boom arm lol. Yes, yes I'm getting one. Just keeping it real yo! Good thing I have lots of audios that aren't even in my membership club yet so I could hijack one so there'd be a show this week. I know it's not like I'm a huge podcast YET but I've learned to keep going as sooner or later people are going to hear, heed, benefit and share. Like one of our former students who is now working her way through this archive! 








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