Our Buddy Dude

This week on Episode 160, we talk about special American Bully boy, King. He is our big "little man" Buddy Dude. The pic is him wearing his superman cape that I mention in the show. 


1. We talked about how he came to live with us

2. His role in our family

3. And Donnie has a special thing he relays about King - something I didn't even know until he shared it on this podcast!

Blog Post written in 2013 about King - which means it's probably more accurate than what we shared today lol as memory fades with age: https://www.aspenbloompetcare.com/2013/02/meet-king/ 


Next week we'll focus on our girl, the only girl we've had since we've been married, Schatzie. She was the most amazing dog and together with King they made the most beautiful duet! 


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