Podcast Break

Thank you to those who've listened to this podcast since July 2018. We're living in unprecedented times as you already know. 

This podcast is taking a break for at least a month as I desire to be quiet and listen to the direction God desires for this podcast - if any. He may desire that I walk away quietly as well. Time for us to let go of what isn't serving Him or others. To stop focusing solely on ourselves.


IF you desire to learn deeper the whole, natural health for your dog and want to receive ALL of the audios I offer as premium evergreen content (adding more all the time, which includes handouts as well as links to videos & articles), then go to DOGgoneTruth.club. $17/month, no contracts, with all the learning. There are individual class prices but the Club offers the best deal IMO. I'm using the Soundwise app for this content.

Many of the 2018 audios will be moved to the Club during this podcast break, so listen NOW to those if you've missed them. 

So until we meet again either here in a month or so or in another podcast, or in eternity, BE WELL!

Love in Christ Jesus,
Dr. Kim Bloomer