Sing a NEW Song!

This week on Episode 163, Donnie wasn't with me again but rather I shared a message that God has put on my heart for ALL of those who are His followers. I shared on...


1. The idea

2. Vibrations and frequencies

3. The miracle of all of this

4. Singing praises to our King!


Blog post for this episode: 


Suggested reading:

1. Better Health and a Plan to Achieve It by Dr. Hugh Bassham (podcast link about this from last week

2. The Supernatural Power of Music by Len Mink

3. The Sound of Healing by Michael Tyrell (includes music)


Discount code

 My class bundle, BE WELL, 50% until 11:59PM June 30, SING365


Donnie will be back with me next time - he's not going to be quite as regular, but OFTEN which makes me happy. We have a funny episode we want to do which features both King and Ezra. It will be VERY different than our normal show. 

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