The Shad, Part 2

This week on Episode 157, we talk about our former amazing dog, Shadrach aka Shad. He is the primary reason I began my journey into natural health in earnest. This is a continuation of last week's episode. Here is the link to Part 1 

 This week we talked about:

1. How Donnie figured out the true illness that Shadrach was suffering from and how that escalated into the work I now do.

2. How we switched Shadrach to a raw diet and natural lifestyle.

3. His fall down an arroyo that led us even deeper into natural health - if we hadn't he wouldn't have lived past his 7th birthday! Which led us deeper into our essential oils journey too!

Shadrach's Team Page: 

Resources for this episode: 


Past Episodes we mentioned:


Shadrach's NEW blog post and his class - he shares Section Five of this class on raindrops for dogs that we mention in this episode
Toxins Class I mentioned: Household & Personal Care Toxins


We had some technical challenges but I was able to eliminate most, but it did leave out a few comments we wanted to make. However, that said there is no doubt we will make those comments eventually in upcoming episodes. Next week we'll talk about our Great Dane Meshach. 


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