The Truth About Scents

This time, on Episode #94, my focus this month is to help you and your pets BE WELL so you can enjoy the holiday celebrations. But even more, for you and your dogs/pets to BE WELL year round. This podcast centers around the toxic and harsh scents we may think are enjoyable but are doing far more damage to our bodies and that of our dogs than we may be aware. 


"Learning what to choose, and how to choose, may be the most important education you will ever receive." ~Dr. Shad Helmstetter



Air Fresheners and Allergies

Air Fresheners - Or Are They?

Have a Pet Safe Christmas


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Essential Oils in Animal Care: A naturopathic approach by Drs. Reagan, Bloomer & Thomason

How Do Essential Oils Work? by Dr. Doug Corrigan



ReBARKably SCENT-able Canines

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